Mobile Poker Action At Full Tilt

You must have heard of Full Tilt Poker. Full Tilt is currently the second largest online poker room in the world. They’re just behind their big brother PokerStars. Full Tilt Poker is especially well known for its Nose Bleed stakes. These are the tables were the online poker pro’s play. If you care to give it a try, the blinds range from $5000/$100 up to $2000/$4000.

Mobile Poker

But’s that what this article is about. This article is about Full Tilt’s great poker app. If you ever played at on their site, you must have noticed that the action is fast. If you’re afraid of pushing all-in, Full Tilt might not be your best choice. But if you like to play with guts you should definitely give it a try. This fast action is also found at Full Tilt’s android poker app.

Their app is one of the only mobile poker apps that offers high-speed poker. With Full Tilt this is called Rush Poker. Rush Poker is the fold-and-move-on play mode. As soon as you fold, you’re moved to a new table and you’re dealt a new hand, so you never have to wait a second and can continue playing your favourite game.

Beside that their app offers you Sit-N-Go’s, MTT’s and other ring games and jackpot games. For more information we would like to suggest this review of Full Tilt’s android poker app.

On that website you can find a lot more reviews about android poker. They also offer great news about mobile and online poker and everything that is going on in the online gambling industry. Beside that you can also ask them for some tips and tricks to improve your game. They have a team of online poker players who have a lot experience with mobile and online poker. In short, a great website to the check out!

More About Full Tilt

As mentioned, Full Tilt is the second largest online poker room in the world. They were part of the Rational Group, which was founded by the founder of PokerStars. A couple years ago Full Tilt was bought by the Rational Group and became PokerStars little brother.

In the recent future a Canadian B2B gambling company named the Amaya Gaming group bought the Rational Group. They paid $4,9 billion to acquire both sites. With this purchase Amaya Gaming became one of the largest online gambling operators of all time.

They bought the Rational Group with the plan to bring Full Tilt and Poker Stars back to the US. Both poker sites aren’t allowed to offer online gambling in the US, because they don’t have license and they can’t get a license, because they breached the Unlawful Gaming Act by offering poker after 2006 without the proper license. By buying both poker rooms they feel confident that they will be able to acquire licenses for both, because they are now under new leadership.