My Winning Wheel of Fortune Slot Machine Strategy

Maintaining a winning streak on Wheel of Fortune slot machines seems hardly doable because with the numbers generated being totally random, there can’t be much of a pattern to follow. While this is true, slot gamers need not lose their heart, because a winning strategy can still get them to leave with a huge win….


Best Paying Slot Machines – Pokies That Pay!

Today we’re going to take a look at the online slots and casino games that are available to play for free and real money, and more importantly we’ll get straight to the good stuff and see if we can find the Best Paying Slot Machines currently available for players to access and enjoy online slots…


AFL Footy Tips – Weekly Footy Tipping Guide

Hello, there and welcome to my blog, which focuses on providing you with the latest AFL footy tips! The sixth round is already showing to be an excellent week of football with a number of exciting matches.  Prepare yourself for the next round and show everyone at work who is the king (or queen) of…


Five Common Poker Beginner Mistakes and Solutions

Poker is an easy game to learn, but difficult game to master, which can be an unfortunately fate for beginning poker players that know just enough of the game to enjoy playing it, but also lose a lot of money as well. In this short strategy article, we’ll discuss seven common beginner mistakes and solutions….


The Best Poker Machine Games to Download & Play Free

The world of online gambling and casino games is expanding rapidly, and with this expansion comes a new set of games, a new set of rules – and the same skills required to play them – meaning for those with some experience playing 5 card poker, texas hold em or any of the variations of…


How To Make Use Of Bonuses At An Online Casino Site?

Most online casino sites advertise different kinds of bonuses that users can make use of. Indeed, bonuses usually help new users to try out a site. In most cases, casino sites cannot be played at for free. Users are asked to sign up with a nominal amount to start playing at the site. With the…